David Glass

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Gourmet Dessert Chef
Fri, 07/17/2009 - 04:00
"Yak tastes like something sent by the Gods."

David Glass went to Paris to further his studies in art history but took a slight detour after a mind-blowing meal at Archestrate. Never had he tasted, or even heard of, mussel souffle, sea bass with beurre rouge (red butter sauce), filet of beef with a foie gras sauce, frise salad with truffle oil and aged sherry vinegar, and chocolate chestnut torte. Quickly changing professions, David worked at Archestrate (now called Lucas Carton) in Paris, Troisgros in Roanne, and Girardet in Crissier, Switzerland, all Michelin 3-star restaurants, the finest restaurants in the world.

To round out his training, he then proceeded to work at restaurants in Istanbul, Tehran, Delhi, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Taipei, and Tokyo. He also hiked in the Himalayas where he learned to cook rice, potatoes and yak.

His company is committed to making the most delicious desserts in the world. Drawing upon ideas and ingredients from all over the world, they create stunning, unique flavors for your ultimate dining pleasure.

Courtesy of davidglass.com