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Wed, 08/12/2009

The amazing views from the top of Heublein Tower made our 1.25 mile treck up Talcott Mountain worth the effort. Department of Environmental Protection's Amanda Davis, took the Media Lab Staff up the yellow trail and explained the sights and sounds and history of the area. The trail began with a steep, quarter-mile climb, but once we got past that section of the trail, the path leveled out. Amanda brought us to a section of the trail that overlooked Avon and Farmington. Even though we were there on a foggy day, the views were breathtaking.

<p>Interviewer: Julia Kwon<p> <p>Videographer: Nate Newton<p> <p>Photographers: Paul Pfeffer, Julia Kwon<p> <p>Editor: Julia Kwon <p> <p>Animator: Sam Hockaday<p> <p>Crew: Meghan Foehl, Sarah Furie, Stephanie Merkel, Sara Ponticelli<p> <p>Manager of Online Content: Paul Pfeffer<p> <p>Director of Online Services: Derrick Ellis<p> <p>Web Designer: Lauren Nauheimer<p> <p>Many thanks to Amanda Davis, Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection.<p> <p>Courtesy of</p>
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Talcott Mountain State Park

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