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Meet Your Vegetables!

Tue, 08/02/2011

A few years ago when my family became members at Holcomb Farm we discovered a new vocabulary of vegetables: rutabaga, kohlrabi, swiss chard. Each week we took home not just a share of vegetables but a lesson plan. We learned about beets' edible greens, what time of year to expect arugula, and that new standby kale soup recipe. On a sunny August day, the Media Lab traveled to Holcomb Farm in West Granby. As I tried to capture their story, I heard my own narrative echoed back many times over.

<p>Interviewers: Molly FitzMaurice, Greg Hill</p> <p>Videographers: Emily Kwong, Ben Gordon, Paul Pfeffer</p> <p>Photographer: Kat Amershadian</p> <p>Editor: Molly FitzMaurice</p> <p>Animator: Sam Hockaday</p> <p>Director of Educational Services: Donna Sodipo</p> <p>Manager of Educational Services: Paul Pfeffer</p> <p>Director of Online Services: Derrick Ellis</p> <p>Web Designer: Lauren Nauheimer</p> <p>Many thanks to Jill Ford and the Holcomb Farm Staff.</p> <p>To learn more visit http://www.holcombfarm.com</p>
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