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Hammonasset Beach State Park is located in Madison, CT.  According to John Hine, Ranger of Park Maintenance, ”Hammonasset has the longest strip of beach in the state.” About a million and a half people visit the park each year, and there is also a campground which has 558 campsites.  Other popular activities include fishing and bike riding.  At the far, east end of the park is Meig’s Point, a rocky peninsula with dramatic views all around.  “You're looking at 15,000 years of history,” said Roger Kinderman of the Department of Environmental Protection. Bird enthusiasts can enjoy the variety of birds at the park, including marsh hawk (harrier), egret, heron, osprey and many others.  The park also has a nature center located at Meig's Point.

Visit: Hot & Humid

Although I did not go to Hammonasset State Park, the Media Lab Staffers have filled me in on the details of the trip.  Staffers interviewed John Hine and Roger Kinderman of the Department of Environmental Protection on the beach.  They also ran into Quinnipiac Professor Ann Culver and her painting class at Meig's Point.  Professor Culver was kind enough to let the Media Lab Staffers interview her on the fly.  She said her class comes to the park on occasion to paint outdoor landscapes.  Who knew painting could be considered an outdoors activity?  Although Hammonasset is a great park with many attractions, the Media Lab Staff agree they've been on better shoots.  It was a hot, muggy day and one of our staff members had an allergic reaction to the mosquito bites she suffered.  They weren't particularly happy campers that day.  However, they did enjoy the views at Meig's Point and the displays of reptiles and marine wildlife at the Nature Center.  Hammonasset State Park is in Madison, CT and attracts over a million and a half people every year.  Visitors can enjoy the beach, the states' largest campgrounds, and a Nature Center. -Julia Kwon


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Many thanks to Anne Culver of Quinnipiac University, John Hine and Roger Kinderman of the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection.

Still photos in the video courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons:

Devils Stream - quirk6, Fort Trumbull - Perfesser_Bear, Fort Trumbull1- aaron.knox, Harkness Memorial & Harkness Memorial1 - Postman 1107, Beach & Seagull - richarddigitalphotos, Pavillion and Water & Rocks - bunnygoth, Walkway - ~maura~, Sunset fish are best - slack12,

Courtesy of http://www.ct.gov/dep/cwp/view.asp?a=2716&q=325210&depNav_GID=1650