Mohawk State Forest

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The setting that Mohawk State Forest offers is so serene and untouched that it's hard to believe it's located right off of Route 4. According to the Department of Environmental Protection, the Mountain covers 3,943 acres, making it one of the state's largest parks. 3,703 of those acres make up Mohawk State Forest, the six largest state forest in Connecticut. Its spectacular views of the Berkshire Mountains in western Connecticut are some of the most breath-taking in the state. The mountain boasts 30 miles of trails that extend into the towns of Goshen, Litchfield and Cornwall, Connecticut.

-Caitlin Koufakis

Visit: Beware of the Hair!
Our tour guide for the day, David Irvin, explained that despite popular belief, the native American Mohawk tribe never actually inhabited the mountain. The mountain got its name because the native tribes would climb to the summit in search of any threatening Mohawks were in sight. According to legend, the Mohawks were fierce traders, and the native tribes would relocate when the Mohawks encroached their territory. Whether you are looking for a strenuous trail to hike or a simple winding path to stroll along, Mohawk State Forest is the ideal escape. For the motivated Outdoor Enthusiast, the mountain includes hiking, cross country skiing and biking trails that are physically deamanding. Rock climbing and camping are other activites that can be found on the trails. For those who wish to relax and observe the beautiful natural setting, the mountain is sprinkled with wooden picnic benches, a look-out tower and multiple settings ideal for bird-watching. Along one of these peaceful mountain trails is an important part of the mountain's history: a piece of plastic tupperware. Although this object may seem mundane at first glance, it is of great significance to the mountain. The tupperware is tucked underneath a rock and is naturally covered by leaves, brush and twigs. The Letterbox, as its called, holds a notebook which visitors are welcomed to sign and make comments in. Writing in the Letterbox creates a unique opportunity that brings the visitors' voices together with the natural setting. Most visitors comment on the beauty of the spot and what their visit entailed. All in all, the pleasant weather, informative tour guide and unbeatable setting made the Media Lab's trip to Mohawk State Forest an unforgettable one. - Caitlin Koufakis

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