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Wickham Park is a non-profit, private foundation whose property extends into both Manchester and East Hartford, Connecticut. The park contains 250 acres of gardens, open fields, woodlands, ponds, picnic areas, sports facilities, and other attractions.

Visit: Scenic Views and Walking Shoes

The scenic views, the history and the activities that Wickham Park offers is an experience no one will soon forget. On a warm day in July, Park Director Jeff Maron showcased the non-profit park to the Media Lab beginning at the park’s newest addition, the Sensory Garden. The sights, sounds and smells of the year-old garden were unique and inclusive, making the experience accessible to all. The park took a creative license to include a sixth sense, imagination. Nonnative plants, including a banana tree, and memorable statues were the focal points of the last section on our walk through the Sensory Garden.

Leaving our imagination behind, we continued our journey through Wickham Park to the aviary, a home to both exotic and native birds as well as birds that have been injured in the wild. From the vibrant feathers on the peacock to the loud calls of the chickens, the birds made a point to be seen. Even as we left for the Nature Center, the birds could be heard as if we were still standing just a few feet from their cage.

Wild birds in cages is one thing, but would you really want to come face to face with a bear, a skunk, a coyote and a fox? Not likely, but in their less animated state in the Nature Center they could be appreciated close up. Next, Jeff told the Media Lab Wickham Park’s history. We learned that Mr. and Mrs. Wickham left the land in their will to become a non-profit foundation and has grown from 137 acres in 1961 when the park was established, to 250 acres today.

The Oriental Garden and the English Garden were the next stops on our tour. Both gardens had traditional sculptures and plants that captured the mood of their respective cultures. As the location for many weddings, the English Garden displays arbors and statues throughout, but it is the lively colors of the flowers that brought the garden to life. - Brian McKnight


Interviewers: Ben Gordon, Molly FitzMaurice

Videographers: Greg Hill, Emily Kwong, Paul Pfeffer

Photographer: Emily Judd

Editor: Brian McKnight

Animators: Sam Hockaday, Alex Bodner

Director of Educational Services: Donna Sodipo

Manager of Educational Services: Paul Pfeffer

Director of Online Services: Derrick Ellis

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Many thanks to Jeff Maron and the Wickham Park Staff.

To learn more visit http://www.wickhampark.org/